Thank you to ALL of our coaches and Managers for doing such an amazing job with your teams! We appreciate you !

History and Meaning of the Club

Founded in 2008 the formation of Marist Eastern Rugby stemmed from a need to provide new rugby focused and directed organisation to service the rapidly growing junior rugby population in East Auckland.  Marist Eastern has an affiliation with the Auckland Marist Brothers Old Boys Rugby Club.

  • The basic colour scheme of the Marist Eastern crest incorporates the dark blue, light blue and red of Auckland Marist.
  • The rugby ball depicts Marist Eastern’s commitment to fostering amateur rugby
  • The Donkey was chosen as the mascot. The Donkey’s attributes of tenacity and endurance fit well with the ethos of Marist Eastern. “ Donkey “ was also a popular rugby move employed by the sons of founding members, who all played together previously.  The Donkey represents unity between those players, their families and the Marist Eastern concept.
  • The “Family” in the crest, signifies the commitment of Marist Eastern to represent not only the players, but also their parents, relatives and friends.  For these are the coaches, managers and administrators, crucial to the continued viability of Marist Eastern. Through the virtues of rugby, Marist Eastern hopes to provide players and their supporters a “vessel” to negotiate the journey through life. Thus the “Ship” in the crest.